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My name is Jeppe Andersen and I am a sound designer, composer, musician and sound engineer with a bachelors degreefrom Sonic College in Denmark. Music and sound has in some way or another always been the focus in my life. Whether it’s been through; live shows or recordings of bands i’ve played in over the years, sound and music for different video and media projects or just plain experimenting with sound in artistic or commercial endeavours, I have always had a drive towards creating great sounding work.

During my time at sonic college i have had extensive training and teaching in many different fields of sound design. Through my experience with creating sound and music, I have learnt to target my sound design according to the desired expressions and feelings in a production. Whether it’s for film, animation, radio or games; telling the right story and creating immersive experiences is always my goal.


”Jeppe Andersen has since Februari 2016 to May 2016 had an internship at Radja Sound Design Agency (Radja) working with sound design, with me as a supervisor. He quickly sat up in both practice and theory, and became a part of nearly all of Radjas projects during the Spring of 2016. He largely operated independently with for example sound design for the Swedish exhibition at Salone Di Mobile where he produced surround soundscapes and created the technical solution for the playback. Jeppe Andersen is very ambitious and thorough, and has proved fully capable of self-driving projects forward. He has a well developed creative skill and a very good ear for sound design.

 Jeppe Andersen is a very open, friendly and driven person who is easy and fun to work with. It is therefore with great pleasure that I give him my warmest recommendations and best wishes. Jeppe Andersen would be an asset to any team.

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